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mission statement

the cinematic experience

aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs wants you to experience the well-defined sound of a live concert or a great film all from the comfort of your home with the entire family. Imagine the energy and emotion of music and movies on DVD/SACD that can be felt by the audience with the same intensity intended by their creators. It's not just listening to the music or a movie soundtrack, it's feeling it too. Is your home theater capable of that? Is it also a good investment or obsolete technology?

There can be confusion when trying to find the right home theater product, but we can help overcome the challenge. Let us tailor a system for you based on products that are affordable and will not become obsolete quickly. Buying the right gear for you is not about how much it costs but how well it performs. Soon, you'll feel like going to the movies not just on Saturday night, but every night... In your own living room.

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