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"The audience is listening"... but not because they have to.

Our goal of a 'well-defined sound' beyond just surround sound has finally become a reality allowing us to excel against the competition in the home theatre territory. We are pleased with the accomplishment of the DB system, which adds more realism and precision to the sound information reproduced from DVD, CD, or SACD, enhancing the 3D sound imaging, redefining the way we watch movies and listen to music in the home environment. We've added an extra 'wow' in people's reactions to the new 'cinema experience' product we offer...
"now playing in home theaters everywhere."

Ovi Demetrian
Inventor of the DB System

industry challenges

aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs acknowledges the competition out there which we respect and appreciate where they've gotten so far. The digital age has made it possible for new technologies to emerge and that makes the race more interesting and the goals more appealing.

"Providing the best possible audio..." Dolby

"Providing the best possible audio for any entertainment environment, including music, movies, television and multimedia, is Dolby's primary commitment."

"Dolby Digital is an advanced form of digital audio coding that makes it possible to store and transmit high-quality digital sound far more efficiently than was previously possible. First used in movie theaters in 1992, it is the result of decades spent by Dolby Laboratories developing signal-processing systems that exploit the characteristics of human hearing."

Quoted from the official Dolby website.

"...delivering the 'Ultimate Entertainment Experience'..." DTS

"Dedicated to delivering the "Ultimate Entertainment Experience," DTS has created a media-delivery format that makes audio tracks sound more dynamic, more realistic and more closely matching the original than other digitally encoded soundtracks and consumer media." (Since 1993)

"Our purpose is to understand the artist's vision and intention, and provide them with the creative tools to unlock the power and emotion of their stories."

"For home theatre and music playback in the home, DTS provides high quality 5.1-channel surround sound with many extras not offered by other consumer formats."

Quoted from the official DTS website.

"The audience is listening..." THX

"THX Certified Home Theatre products deliver cinema-quality picture and sound to home environments. Through optimized audio-visual technology and speaker placement, you get a movie experience at home that's as faithful as possible to the director's design."

"The digital sound format known as 5.1 (representing typically 6 channels of sound) was developed for movie presentation in theatre settings. Because home environments are different than movie theatres, the same THX audio standards that ensured accurate playback in theatres have been adapted for viewing movies in DVD, VHS, satellite and broadcast formats at home."

"Incorporating a variety of digital encoding technologies like Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM, THX Certified Home Theatre products offer the most consistently accurate, trouble-free reproduction of sound."

Quoted from the official THX website.

DB System
"...but not because they have to." DB System

THX claims to "ensure that the entertainment consumer experienced films as the director intended." This is where Dolby and DTS have come a long way to make it possible through developing multichannel format technologies to electronically deliver the digital sound on DVD to the consumer, defining what we know today as surround sound. But the reproduction thru speakers and amplifiers is lacking.

This is where the DB system comes in (1994), with the goal of 'making the sound part of the picture' by actually making also the right hardware to reproduce "the well-defined sound where the energy and emotions of music and film could be felt by the audience with the same intensity intended by their creators."