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making sound part of the picture

Theater Room Did you know that in 2006 nearly 30% of households in the U.S. had HDTV sets? That's over 3 times the amount in 2005 and keeps growing. This overwhelming number of people getting into the HD era is related to the new high-quality equipment for sound and video available at reasonable prices. With many new formats featured in many brand-name home theater products, it's confusing to figure out the right combination to setup a surround sound system, home theater, or cinema room in your home.

aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs is ready to take on this challenge of putting together the home theater of your dreams. Since 1994, we have been gathering information about ever-changing technologies and their formats. Now, because of the amazing break-throughs in audio and video, we believe that this is the best time for you to add a new entertainment system to your home. We would be glad to help you sort out all the elements necessary in the decision-making process of buying a new sound system.

Our goal is to bring you the most realistic, well-defined sound ever, whether you listen in DTS or Dolby modes with THX. Not everyone realizes that any surround sound system, expensive or not, doesn't work that well with both music and movie soundtracks. This is where our DB System comes in. Through many years of extensive research and development, aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs has invented the DB System which redefines the meaning of sound... precision sound, with the sole intention of delivering well-defined sound. By mixing all your system's audio channels into one final form and redistributing them more efficiently through speakers, the DB System achieves an unsurpassed level of quality. All we can say is... listening is believing.


On May 9th, 1994, aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs was founded in Phoenix, Arizona by Ovi Demetrian. As a film and music enthusiast, never missing a new movie release or concert, Ovi got the idea to 'bring it all home.' He wanted to find the way to enjoy a live concert or a great film, in all its glory, from the comfort of his own home and with his family. Ovi tried to imagine how the energy and emotions of music and film could be felt by the audience with the same intensity intended by their creators.

As a teenager, Ovi experimented with electronics. He tried to invent all kinds of devices and often failed miserably. Building guitar amps and speakers for his school band, Ovi always strived for a 'well-defined' sound. Going through school, life and further experiments, his hobby turned into a career as a sound engineer/designer. For many years Ovi worked in the recording industry and sound reinforcement field, he spent time installing various sound systems for small and big environments, while developing the idea of making a better system for the home environment.

But with many other names in the home sound systems market, why add another one to the list? Ovi disliked that a live event could never be experienced the same way in any home system. He also realized he could do better. Thus his crazy idea of a 'well-defined' sound, became a reality. aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs was then born, with the devotion to make sound part of the picture.